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The Shark Navigator Vacuum is an awesome addition to your house. It makes uses of the same “no loss of suction” technology as a Dyson but at a fraction of the price. But have you known what to do when your machine seems to loose it’s power? It’s time to clean your machine! And here is advice on how to How to Clean the Shark Navigator Vacuum and Filters


1. Signs of a Dirty Vacuum

Definitely, a dirty vacuum will be not as efficient as a clean one. Once the filters get blocked, it considerably reduces the suction power. You also need to ensure that the rotating brush on the bottom is clear of materials that become wrapped around it over time.

And here are some signs that your Shark Navigator needs to be cleaned:

  • It becomes loss of suction
  • It leaves dirt after the process
  • It makes different sounds when running
  • The vacuum remains an unpleasant odor

Once you find and feel any or all of the problems above, you need to clean your machine immediately. Only by this way, you can once again enjoy the benefits of a clean home. Continue Reading

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It takes for granted that vacuum is one of the most convenient appliances ever invented. They not only cleans the floor efficiently, but also purify the air and reduce the risk of allergy appearance. But with countless improvements in the designs released every year, how to choose a best shark vacuum to be suitable for the home and your lifestyle as well as understand the know-how in keeping it effective. This article will list some notes need to avoiding when using the shark vacuum.


Do Not Suck Hard Objects, Or Sharp Objects

In the design or specifications of the machine, it can record: the machine can absorb small objects like coins, nails or screws, etc. When used, many people often vacuum sharp objects, garbage, which may have such large size. However, this should not be worked regularly because it is easy to clog the nozzle, tattered straw or dust bag. If catching coin or spikes when vacuuming in the family, you should manually take it by hand and pick up, then continue. Do not leave just a small coin ruin expensive shark vacuum cleaners.

With industrial Shark vacuum cleaner, you do not need to worry because it is designed wide enough suction and gravity is strong enough to handle stubborn dirt. Continue Reading

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Mirro Alters – Adds to Cookware

Mirro has developed new cookware products and redesigned others as a result of extensive consumer research. VP of merchandising Paul Perez says that Mirro researched consumers’ likes and dislikes regarding cookware and bakeware, cooking habits and why consumers buy certain products. Some of the changes that Mirro has made to its products include 360-degree pour spouts, longer handles and deeper shells for increased capacity.

Mirro has revamped some lines of cookware, fine-tuned others and introduced some new skillets


The company says it was guided in making the changes by findings from consumer research, perhaps the most extensive the company has conducted to date.

“We have done research on cooking and baking habits, likes and dislikes, what consumers are buying and why,” said vice president of merchandising Paul Perez. “We researched the strengths and weaknesses of our products and competitive products.”

Some of the company’s products now have 360-degree pour spouts to prevent dripping, longer handles for more control, deeper shells for increased capacity and new colors.

New polished aluminum skillets with porcelain silk-screened bottoms and Eurostyle shells have beveled-edges, longer Eurostyle handles and nonstick coating. Saute pan prices range from $7 to $12. Continue Reading

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How To Choose The Best Vacuum For Pet Hair Picking?

You often find pet your pet hair scattered in your living room but cannot remove it with your current vacuum? You are looking for a real vacuum for picking pet hair. Understanding this situation, with the experiences in real using and with the knowledge from dozen reliable shark vacuum reviews, I create this honest article with the hope that you will be able to pick a high-quality vacuum for your pet hair picking.

Yeah, below are some of important factors you need to consider for a good vacuum.

The area that you are going to clean

Ok, let’s understand about the place you are about to clean with the vacuum by asking yourself questions like: Is the area small or big? What is dominant in the areas, bare floor, wall-to-wall carpeting, or area rugs? Is it full of traffic and dirt?, so on. After being sure about your areas, you will find it easier to find what vacuum to in vest in. For instance, if you need to pick pet hair in hardwood floors, then you should consider BISSELL PowerEdge 81L2T. And if the areas that you need to clean is a hardwood floor, you should check the hardwood vacuum.

Suring about what to clean will make you more determine to choose the best item among a lot of other types, attachments, so on. Continue Reading