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Do you have a good choice of music?

Many people here are music lovers, but how many of you are real lovers with good music choice? The number is much less, I think. Many music listeners think that they are good at choosing and enjoying music, but in fact, they are not as good as they think. So to check whether or not you are good at choosing music to listen, let’s take the short quiz below.

Here are 10 questions that you need to answer

How old are you?

a.     Below 18

b.     Between 18 and 20

c.      Between 25 and 30

d.     Between 31 and 40

e.      Between 41 and 50

f.       Between 51 and 60

You are a male or female?

a.     Male

b.     Female

What is your favorite music station?

a.     R & B

b.     Hip-hop or rap

c.      Sports

d.     News and talk

e.      Rock

f.       No matter what is being played when you turn on the radio

How low is your music?

a.     So quiet and can not be heard from the next room

b.      Decent, and can be somehow heard from the next room

c.      A bit low and can be heard from the next-door room

d.     Very loud and even interrupt the neighbors

Where do you often shop for music?

a.     At a record store

b.     At Wal-Mart

c.      The hot and most preferred list

d.     Borrow from library

What is your ideal time to listen to your portable music players?

a.     While jogging, or working out

b.     When in bed at night

c.      While doing house chores

d.     On the way to work on the bus

e.      Whenever I like

How long do you want a CD to be?

a.     One or two hours

b.     About half an hour

c.      However is available

What is your favorite lyric type?

a.     Neither lyrical nor instrumental

b.     Quiet or gentle

c.       Classical rock style

d.     Poetic lyrics which follow a story

e.      Rap count

How other people think about your playlist as you introduce?

a.     I enjoyed it

b.     It is ok

c.      Such a boring list

d.     It was sucked

e.      Who say that song and where to download it, I want to include it in my play list immediately

How do you think when other people play music while you are sleeping?

a.     Oh, no. I’m about to sleep now.

b.     It is none of my business

c.      Oh, that’s my favourite song

d.     Please turn it up

e.      Wait for me, my player will be even louder

Final words

Ok, so above are 10 quizes about your music listening habit. Please be honest to give answer then you will get to know whether or not you have good choice of music. Hoping that you are the person with correct choice, if not, make some changes so that things will better. It is easy.

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