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How To Choose The Best Vacuum For Pet Hair Picking?

You often find pet your pet hair scattered in your living room but cannot remove it with your current vacuum? You are looking for a real vacuum for picking pet hair. Understanding this situation, with the experiences in real using and with the knowledge from dozen reliable shark vacuum reviews, I create this honest article with the hope that you will be able to pick a high-quality vacuum for your pet hair picking.

Yeah, below are some of important factors you need to consider for a good vacuum.

The area that you are going to clean

Ok, let’s understand about the place you are about to clean with the vacuum by asking yourself questions like: Is the area small or big? What is dominant in the areas, bare floor, wall-to-wall carpeting, or area rugs? Is it full of traffic and dirt?, so on. After being sure about your areas, you will find it easier to find what vacuum to in vest in. For instance, if you need to pick pet hair in hardwood floors, then you should consider BISSELL PowerEdge 81L2T. And if the areas that you need to clean is a hardwood floor, you should check the hardwood vacuum.

Suring about what to clean will make you more determine to choose the best item among a lot of other types, attachments, so on.

The area that you are going to clean

The dimension: a full-sized or a handy item?

In fact, pet hair can be scattered every where in your house, not a certain place, no matter in your beautiful couch or the carpets. So it is better to look for the item which is capable of reaching every affected area in your house. This means that you have to make choice between a full-sized unit or a handy one.

Speaking about the differences between the two choices, I’d like to share that the full-sized upright items are famous for great suction and widespread features, while the handy ones are well-known for necessary portability and maneuverability.

Using a lightweight vacuum cleaner for pet hair picking offers a lot of benefits. If you are most concerned about portability, then you should check the powerful handheld item which is not only strong enough to solve such messes, but also lightweight enough to bring around with little effort.

In contrast, if you want raw suction power to eliminate tougher messes, then you should consider a canister or upright. Although canisters seem to be more convenient and maneuverable compared to uprights, they provide less power in term of pure suction.

Suction Power

In fact, suction power does not totally depend on the power consumption level, this is different from belief among vacuum owners. The suction power is great or not depends on a number of factors, such as the filter type, the nozzle shape, or the motor power. And luckily, technologies like Windtunnel, Cyclonic suction, which can be found in many cleaners can boost this feature.

The suction strength play a vital role in a pet vacuum because it’s necessary to remove hair particles of various and it makes sure that the hair will be properly put into the dirt bag and safely kept inside.


What do you want: Corded or Cordless?

The best vacuum cleaners for pet hair removal are ones which are not only portable but also maneuverable because, as I motioned above, pet hair can be found in any place in your house, not just on floors.

Corded vacuums often come with long power cords, at least of 20 feet, allow you to reach even very large cleaning radius. And amazingly, although they have a long cord, these corded vacuums can still work fine in smaller areas. However, smaller areas are your most concern, then you had better consider the cordless version.

Cordless vacuums work thanks to rechargeable batteries, which means that you will lose some power for better convenience. So if cordless versions are what you want, then you should look at for the items of which batteries are strong enough so that they never stop working while you are in between cleaning sessions.

One more thing, while cordless items are good at flexibility for you to bring them wherever you want, it can easily lose major suction power once the battery runs low. In contrast, corded versions are not influenced by suction loss owing to a low battery.

These are 4 basic factors that you need to consider for a good vacuum for pet hair removal. These are proven secrets which have been suggested in many reliable shark vacuum reviews and have helped a number of users find their wanted vacuums.

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