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How to play an instrument?

Being able to play a music instrument is such a cool thing. How do you think when being able to make control over the best acoustic guitar to make charming tune? However, people’s preference in the kind of instrument to play is different. So the question here what instrument to play? My article today will provide you with helpful steps to choose the best instrument for yourself.

Get started with piano

Piano is the first choice to almost starters when it comes to play an instrument as it is easy to play and popular in almost countries and music styles. And after be confident with piano, you can try one of the other popular instruments, including Organ, Synthesizer, Accordion, Harmonium, Harpsichord.

Take some challenges with a guitar

It is common belief that guitar is the key instrument which allows you to get into world of new music and styles. It is famous for strongly influencing pop culture and the preferred choice for first-timers. So if you are really interested in playing an instrument, it is recommended choosing an acoustic guitar to bring along with you. And as you are mastered at guitar basics, it’s time tried your six-string canon, including bass guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Harp, Dulcimer.

acoustic guitar

Think of trying a classical instrument

Classical string is one of the most flexible instruments as it is able to work in various music performances like in orchestral, string-quartet, so on. Some suggestions for those you are interested in classical sounds are chamber instruments. In spite of their stuffy reputation, they are still a favorite addition in folk music and some other performances in the world. The classical strings are:

  • Violin. This is one of the “leading” instruments in the world of strings. It’s famous for an excellent range, ease of holding, and some other performance that many other instruments cannot do.
  • Viola. This string is a bit bigger than a violin. In term of tone, it’s deeper and darker then the violin. So if you are confident with your long arms and large hands, you might be more interested in the viola than the violin.
  • Cello. This is the largest of the three. To play it, you have to be in sitting down posture and have the instrument between your knees. It produces rich and deep tone, supporting a male human voice well. And although it is not as high as a violin, it is greatly lyrical.
  • Double Bass. This instrument is the lowest-sounding among violin family. In a classical or chamber setting, it’s generally played with a bow, and sometimes plucked for effect. In jazz or bluegrass setting, it’s often plucked and sometimes bowed for effect.

Try a brass instrument

Simple while complex is exactly the description about brass instruments. They are long metal tubes which include valves and buttons for adjusting the pitch. To have it work, just buzz your lips inside a metal mouthpiece, then you will hear the sound. Such instruments can be found in various music performances. Some examples of brass instruments are Trumpet, Tuba, Sousaphone, so on.

What about the woodwinds?

Woodwinds, like brass instruments, work when being blown into. But they are different from brass instruments that they are played through reeds which vibrate when receiving blowing. They promise to produce a number of nice tones and function in jazz or classical music setting. Some noticeable examples of woodwind instruments are Flute,  Saxophone, Clarinet, Bassoon, Oboe, Harmonica.

Make uses of percussion for rhythm

The main role of the percussionists is to keep time of the music orchestra. It is provided on a kit drum in some brands, but in other combos, it is enclosed with a more various instruments, for example, banged on with hands, or mallets, or sticks. Percussion instruments include:

  • Drum set
  • Marimba, Vibraphone and xylophone
  • Bells and Cymbals
  • Timpani
  • Congas and bongos

Don’t forget new instruments

Music instruments are improved with many new and modern features that are not introduced before. So do not miss chance to experience such great things. And Ipad is an example. If you own an Ipad, you will easily find some very great music instruments installed in the unit. What do you think about playing music with them?

Final words

There are 7 steps, along with 7 kinds of music instruments you should consider when it comes to playing a music instrument. Let’s follow and then you will be amazed at your new and cool skill.

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