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Music for pregnant women

It is suggested that pregnant women should listen to music as it is good for your unborn baby’s growth. So is every music is worth listening? My article today will introduce you some of the most picks by pregnant women.

Classical music

“while I was in my month –five- pregnancy, I played music by Tchaikovsky and Mozart. And I really felt that my baby was trying to response with the tune of the music. And now, he is at his 14 moths, and he smiles whenever he hears Mozart’s music tune.”, said by Irem.

Another pregnant woman shared in Heather: “My husband and  I looked for and listened to a lot of music belonging to Top 40 before my pregnancy. But since I got pregnant, classical is the only music genre that I can tolerate. Such gentle by classical music keeps me calm and makes sure that my temper is under control!”

Easy listening music

“When I was younger, my music taste was so various. I enjoy almost music genres, especially genres like Rock, Dance…. But as I got pregnant, the only genre that I was interested in was easy listening or some country and pop. The masterpiece like Dixie Chicks, was in the CD player every day.  And now, whenever my daughter seems to be fussy in the car, I play her familiar music, and miraculously, she calms down.”, Laura said.

Religious music

Melanie, a pregnant woman shared “I enjoy Christian music as it makes me feel a peaceful message of assurance from God. Twila Paris introduces a great CD for babies.”

Another visitor in a BabyCenter said “I choose church music as a key music genre to listen to as I found it the most powerful tool to make encourage my baby to move. Now I get pregnant again and I plan to play church music for my unborn baby”



The two pregnant women, Peder and Holly Horner said “We find every classic jazz enjoyable. Some of our favorite artists are Bill Evans, Sarah Vaughan, Charlie Parker. And now, my 5 month-old- baby makes actively response whenever I play Sarah Vaughan.”

“I used to have no interest in jazz, but now, when I’m pregnant, I find it worth listening, and I particularly like Sade. It comes with such a great beat that I feel calm down and creative”, said Decembermom

Country music

“To be honest, country music has never been in my playlist before my pregnancy. My preferences at that time were things like Metallica, Ozzy…. But as I was pregnant, I felt that I could no longer bear the fast-paced stuff. I thought of some classical music. It was great to me during my first pregnancy. But now, as I’m in my month three of pregnancy- I prefer country music. And my unborn baby seems to be interested in this music genre as I find it move actively according to the music playing “, said Jill

Bottom lines

Above are five most preferred music genres among pregnant women. And all of them are performing well in supporting unborn baby’s growth. So what music are you listening to? How your baby is responding to it? Consider the questions carefully and then make changes if necessary.

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