Tips and advice on buying a coffee machine

In each household is often possible to find the best Keurig coffee maker. In recent decades, the market for coffee was quite moving. Thus, the traditional coffee machines replace the Senseo and Nespresso coffee machines and espresso machines.

To clarify the differences between coffee types, compare insight prices in some ways of making coffee and coffee machines that you can use for this. Also, advantages and disadvantages of the different methods will be discussed here.

Traditional coffee

The traditionally coffee made from coffee beans. The coffee beans are first above ground. To make coffee, you pour water into the water tank and insert the ground coffee in a coffee filter. The devices used for this are the old-fashioned coffee makers, with a glass jug is inserted into the instrument.

The relationship between coffee and water you can adjust this method itself so that you can determine the strength of the coffee itself. An advantage of this approach that you can put multiple cups of coffee at the same time. So you put you to more than 12 cups of coffee. Another advantage of using these devices is that they are cheaper, since they are less advanced in the majority of cases, however, a disadvantage of this way of making coffee is that when you only one cup of coffee like, it takes a relatively long time, and sometimes not even is possible. Also, the strength of the coffee is different every time because it is practically impossible to maintain the same relationship between coffee and water every time.

Coffee pad machine

For the past ten years, the coffee has become a real hit. This method also known Senseo is called was developed by Philips and Douwe Egberts. Especially the brewing convenience was improved thereby. The pad can be placed in the machine so that it can be put one or two cups of coffee (depending on the number of pads). Because the coffee at a higher pressure is created, also creates a creamy foam on the coffee.

The disadvantage of this method of brewing coffee is that you only put two cups of the coffee can at the same time. Also, the quality of the coffee is not always optimal and will be especially true coffee lovers would rather not buy these machines. Do not drink so much coffee. Then this method is an option. The Senseo coffee machines were only made by Philips in the past. But now also other vendors Senseo coffee machines.

Coffee pad machine

Nespresso coffee machine: Coffee with a cup

Currently, the Nespresso machine Krups are very popular. They are already available from around 70 euros. Nespresso machines make use of a similar technique as a Senseo machine (coffee pad), however, is here made of a cup in place of a path. The coffee from the machines is qualitatively better than the coffee that is made with coffee. This is mainly because the coffee is squeezed closer together. Coffee cups can be purchased in different strengths so that there is always the right coffee for sitting at. The disadvantage of this way of making coffee is that the coffee cups are relatively expensive.

Espresso machines: for true coffee lover

An espresso machine make undoubtedly the best quality coffee. This is mainly because the coffee beans are freshly ground when you put the coffee. A disadvantage of such a device is however that it is relatively expensive and often requires more maintenance.

Such espresso machines are for sale at 200 Euros. However, this is dependent on the implementation. Would you, for example, a coffee machine that also has an opportunity to put cappuccino then you are often somewhat more expensive. However, if you are a true coffee lover is surely advisable to such a device, and it is well worth the price.

Espresso machines: for true coffee lover

How to make coffee with ten clear steps

  • Take a paper filter and possibly fold edges
  • Clean the filter wet with a little water (may be just cold water)
  • Put the filter in the filter holder
  • Spoon the coffee in the filter (often you have two teaspoons or about 12 grams for one hefty somewhat spicy cup of coffee)
  • Pour the correct amount of water into the device
  • Put the coffee very briefly so that whatever water flows on the coffee and then put it again (known for well)
  • After a few minutes, you put the machine back on and let it make its job coffee
  • Possibly a bit stir the coffee
  • Let the last coffee stand on the hot plate because it is bitter. If necessary, use a pre-washed with hot water turned thermos if you want to keep the coffee longer
  • Descale the coffee maker regularly. Even better is to use decalcified or bottled water. See “General tips for putting delicious coffee .”

Tips for making espresso

  • Method for making espresso. Important tips to keep in mind to make the espresso.
  • Use a quality coffee: Use arabica coffee, in all its varieties. It is the most suitable for preparing espresso
  • The coffee shops are mixtures of grains of Arabica and Robusta coffee, and the coffee only sell Arabica. Arabica coffee has more aroma while robusta coffee has more caffeine, less flavor / aroma.
  • When you buy coffee, whether in a coffee shop or supermarket, you should always ask for 100% arĂ¡bica- except in cases where there are blends of both types of coffee.
  • Make sure you use quality coffee blends, like toasted specific to the express.
  • As for coffee, always choose a good Arabica in all its varieties, Supreme Colombia, Puerto Yauco, Guatemala Antigua, Hawaii kona, Moka Ethiopia, Jamaica Blue Mountain.
  • Choose an Italian roasted, used in gourmet coffees. It is a very dark color and pungent aroma.
  • Use coffee beans: Coffee beans which best preserves the flavor and aroma. Therefore not grind the coffee until the time of preparation.
  • Coffee in supermarkets is usually ground and is usually well protected from the air. However, if you want to try quality coffee, as prepared in bars, buy coffee beans.
  • A well preserved and tostato coffee can compensate for a poor quality of origin, and vice versa. A great first class Arabica coffee may weaken poor maintenance.
  • Use mineral water: Good coffee always needs quality water. No matter whether the tap, but is too calcified, but it is always more advisable mineral water.
  • Use a good espresso coffee maker: Once you have recently roasted and ground coffee, factors such as good water quality, a clean computer waste oils, make the difference.
  • Clean and dry before the remaining water in the pot. We must avoid having mixtures of flavors.
  • You can choose from any type of coffee, but always work properly.


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