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What are important roles of music in our life?

Rather than a means of entertainment, music plays an important role making our life better. And below are some of significant roles of music to our life.

Music makes us happier

It is proven that as you listen to a piece of music you like, your brain will relieve a good-feeling chemical named dopamine. This chemical brings use positive feelings, such as happiness, joy, excitement, so on. The burst of happiness gained by listening to music is equivalent with that gained by eating a piece of chocolate, having sex or taking certain drugs.

Another study assumed that music of a quick tempo and was played in a major key brings about feelings of being happy while music of a slow tempo and was played a minor key is likely to bring about feelings of being sad. Sometimes, we want some feeling of being sad, right? So base on what feeling you want to experience to choose the music to listen to, then you will feel satisfactory.

Music makes us happier

Music helps to improve our heartbeat, pulse rate and blood pressure

Some studies revealed that listening to music contributed to enhancing hearts and shortening the recovery time of those who were victims of heart disease.

In term of music types, it is suggested that listening to your favored music help to eliminate endorphins in the brain, improving your vascular health. It is reported that people, not only men but also women who enjoy some pieces of music once after cardiac surgery were not as anxious as those who don’t. Similarly, these people are reported to face up with less pain compared to those those who rested quietly without music.

It is also found that heart patients who are restricted to a bed and spend around 30 minutes every day have lower blood pressure, less distress and slower heart rates  than those who don’t listen to music.

Music helps you to have better sleep

The two most causes of not sound sleep are stress and anxiety. And luckily, music is able to deal with both of them positively. Scientists found that listening to music  as a habit will help to boost sleep patterns and even make more restful sleeps. Some people even consider listening to music as a solution to their insomnia.

Music helps to strengthen your immune system and release pain

Music has capability to decrease levels of stress hormone cortisol, which potentially weaken your immune system, increases the risk of heart disease, badly affect your learning and memory, lower bone density and blood pressure, etc. these many problems can be gradually solved with just around  50 listening-to-music minutes because during such relaxed time, the  levels of antibodies in your body get increased.

Music helps to strengthen your immune system and release pain

Music helps to release stress and anxiety

Some study proved that cancer patients who either had habit of listening to music or did work related to music therapist are in less risk of anxiety and had better blood pressure levels and better moods.

Ok, from some of the points above, it is clear that music has positive effects on almost every aspect of our life, including the psyche, mood, quality of life as well.

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