Which Type of Coffee Filter Is Best?

Coffee filter is one of the most important parts in a coffee maker. It helps to remove ground coffee beans out of the built-in drip tray. In addition, it keeps dregs out of your brew and make cleanup simple. So have you known which type of coffee filter is best for your machine, let’s consider the following options:


Disposable Coffee Filters

This kind of coffee filter is usually made from paper. It is preferred in commercial usage since it doesn’t require cleanup, and it filters out some oils from ground coffee beans.

Permanent Coffee Filters

Many coffee lovers decide to check a permanent coffee filter to maximum waste, and many of them love the enhanced flavor that cannot come from other styles of filtration. Here are the some different kinds of permanent coffee filters that you might like.

Fabric Coffee Filters

Some permanent coffee filter producers like materials like cotton or hemp. This kind of filter makes the same general result as a paper one, but you can keep it for the next usages, rather than have to throw them away every time you turn on your machine. It captures coffee grounds during the drip phase of brewing; as a result, you won’t wind up with any dregs in your cup. It also allows the passage of more oils than paper filters. These oils can improve flavor for those with discerning palates.

Metal Coffee Filters

Metal coffee filter is a simple alternative for disposable filters. This item doesn’t require to be replaced often, and it doesn’t remove flavorful oils out of ground coffee beans. And if you want the item to remain intact, please pay attention to some moderate attention. Furthermore, remember to clean it after every use, and make a deep scrub from time to time to avoid the growth of bacteria.

Metal Coffee Filters

Gold Coffee Filters

This filter turns some heads when it first appeared in some high-end coffee makers. The including of gold in product automatically makes it more valuable. This coffee filter kind makes use of the same basic structure as other metal filters. It even uses stainless steel as a primary component. And it comes with the gold plating which makes these accessories special compared with other ones. And similar to other metal filters, gold filters allow oils from the beans drip into the pot.

Coffee Filter Sizes

Yeah, one of the things you need to determine when investing in a new coffee maker is the size of the filter you want. Many units come with their own filter; however, those that rely on disposable filters will need to be replaced. And permanent coffee filter eradicates the need to check for filter sizes, apart from those that use fabric filters. You will need to check the product regularly to know the exact specification on filter size. Generally, larger machine requires bigger filters since it handles larger volumes of ground coffee beans.

Ok, above are some of the most popular and preferred coffee filters that are available now. So which one is the most suitable to your own condition? Let’s consider carefully and pick up one.

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