First of all, do you believe in unidentified flying objects? And by this, I don’t mean the kind of objects insinuated by comic books and movies of spaceships visiting earth. Many people have been confusing UFOs with the phenomenon of things that have their origins based on extraterrestrial beliefs, and it is with this regard that people consider the unidentified flying objects as a cultural phenomenon.

A myriad of websites with interest in this field tends to show maps and graphs whose main driving force is to determine or discover real pattern or clues that will support UFOs evidence if not proof. But so far there have been disproportionate sighting densities incurred for example Britain and France have higher frequencies as compared to Germany.

United States of America

To a more significant extent, a good number believe that the United States a hotbed for the UFOs sighting as compared to any other country. Above that, many think that the United States military has very unbelievable and well-documented sightings that might give you sceptic second thoughts.

UFOs have in many places dismissed UFOs as the stuff of science fiction and imagination while the USA has been able to record over 250000 sightings of the same for example a green fireball in New Mexico in 1948. Different individuals have documented variations of occurrences in different states, for example, New York, California, Washington, New Mexico, Kentucky, Alabama, Oregon among other places. They have even identified specific sites should you want to have a closer more comfortable look of the UFOs from the USA soil.

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Canadians are said to record 1000 sighting per ten million people which makes them comes second after the united states with a recording of 2500/ten million people. Although Canada has reported many UFOs, none of it beats the shag harbour; it is the icon of all UFOs. Different people have been able to sight UFOs at different places. Examples of these places are Clan Lake of the North West territories, falcon lake of Manitoba incident, Maryville of Québec, Ajax of Ontario among others.

The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is said to have experienced many sightings of lights which were moving slowly in the night sky. The investigation led to the conclusion of the misunderstood natural phenomena, but many occurrences have put the UK among the top countries in the records for the UFOs with hot spots being Liverpool, Wiltshire, Bonny Bridge, and Staffordshire among others.

Iceland, Australia, the Virgin Islands and Cyprus

The four of these countries receive almost the same average number of UFOs that amounts to between 250 and 500 sighting per 100 million people per year.


It is only right to conclude that the developed countries are highly ranked regarding average UFOS recordings as they are more likely to report due to the better record keeping and well-versed technology. Therefore the records of these sightings only work to the advantage of those countries with highly sophisticated technology. For example, Israel and Gulf state are considered to have a higher number as compared to the neighbouring Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia while South Africa tops over sub-Saharan African countries.