From the rock star Robbie Williams to Avant-jazz afrofuturist Sun Ra; it is clear that the fascination about the existence of UFOs is not just for civilians who may have been confused. Even the former United States president Jimmy Carter claimed to have seen a UFO. With all these people going public and claiming that they have seen UFOs, you are likely to get the impression that you are the only one who has not yet seen UFO and you may feel left out. However, even if you are not yet among the ranks of UFO spotters, there is no need to worry and feel as though you are missing out on something.

In a paper published in 1958, Carl Jung, a re-known psychotherapist argued that what matters is not whether UFOs were alien spacecraft, but the meaning of the experience of trusting that you have witnessed a UFO. He was off the opinion that the need to view UFOs was tied to human’s fundamental need to explain what seems like a haphazard, difficult to understand and possibly meaningless reality.

Well, regardless of your reasoning for wishing to spot a UFO, below are tips to guide you on how to do it.

Know the right locations

Possibly, aliens are migratory creatures who return to the same spots over and over again, just like Bluefin tuna. Or perhaps mass hysteria is most robust in isolated areas. Either way, clusters of UFO sightings seem to take place in particular places in the world. Some of the places that have a higher chance of UFO sightings include, El Yunque, a colossal forest located along the northeastern coast of Puerto Rico. It is where UFO investigators are coming from different places in the world, come to learn more on about UFOs. Apart from UFOs, Puerto Rico is also known for being a USO (unidentified submersible Objects) hotspot. USO is a subgroup of flying saucers which shoot over the surface of the water.

Wiltshire, UK, is also another hotspot for UFOs. Located near the equally mysterious Stonehenge, Wiltshire has had its share of reported UFO sightings making it a hotspot. Another place where residents have reported sightings is Sochi in Russia.

Equip yourself properly

To avoid getting embarrassed as you try to convince a skeptical audience about your UFO sighting, it is essential that you get yourself all the necessary equipment to help you record the event and which will help you explain your sighting and be able to convince or just leave a skeptical audience in doubt concerning whether or not aliens exist. It will save you from the embarrassment of being seen as someone who is out of their mind.

Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) has a list of evidence gathering items that they recommend. MUFON is likely the biggest and the best international network of UFO investigators that has been established. These items are; a camera, a pen or pencil, a notebook, a tape measure, a compass, and a weather station to monitor atmospheric changes.

The tape measure is useful when you wish to measure the tracks that have been left behind by the landing gear belonging to aliens. For the preservation of any physical evidence of the visitation of extraterrestrial beings, you will need to have tweezers and baggies or containers. Audio recorders are also crucial for carrying out witness interviews or taking verbal notes. For measuring radiation, you will need chalk lines, garden trowel and even a Geiger counter.

Also, if you’re taking along lots of equipment, then you’ll need some way to keep the power on should your batteries run out. You can use a simple car battery and an inverter to power some small equipment, but if you need a larger power source for bigger stuff then you may need to use a portable generator.

Find other witnesses

William J. Barnes, an author and researcher in the UFO Encyclopedia, claims that the best way to validate a UFO sighting is to have numerous sets of eyes and ears contributing to the report concerning a sighting of a UFO. Besides, if every person gives the same general details concerning the sighting, then the story becomes even more concrete. It is essential that everyone confirms the public information concerning the sighting for it to be taken seriously.

Ideally, it is advisable to go to the cluster prone to UFO sighting accompanied by fellow UFO enthusiasts, but this is just ideal and not practical as UFOs usually appear just out of nowhere. Therefore, the best thing to do when you see a UFO when alone is to find other witnesses after the occurrence and get them to give reports too. The reason for getting as many witnesses as possible is so that the skeptics will not be able to quickly dismiss the sighting as just a case of wrong perception, wishful thinking or hysteria.


Most of the times, people confuse Venus, Jupiter and Mercury to be UFOs when these are just planets. The reason for this is because of the amount of light that these planets produce because they are bright planets. For instance, many a time, the shining of the planet Venus across the horizon has been taken as a UFO, and some people have even ahead and report this as a UFO sighting. Hopefully, the above tips will enable you to be better when it comes to spotting a UFO.