The weirdest UFO sightings in England

There is nothing that captures the imagination and spurs so much interest like the supernatural. The supernatural remains to be a mystery and this mystery surrounding it is what leaves so many people in awe and some even addicted to it. From ghouls and ghosts to UFOs, England is no stranger to paranormal phenomenon. For instance, towns like Hull and East Yorkshire are known to have their share of supernatural activities.


On the 22nd and 23rd of October 1992, the Hull Daily Mail published incidents of an accident linked to UFOs in their local newspaper. The people killed in the accident involved Captain William Shaffner immediately after his lightening plane fell in the North Sea. Later on, the investigator linked this accident to UFOs.

Many people may associate the stories of UFOs to the mysterious Area 51 in Nevada, but, did you know that Hull has had its share of reports concerning UFOs?

But this is not the only case. In June 1801 there was a UFO sighting in Hull. It is probably one of the earliest UFOs to be seen in Hull. This sighting was featured not only by the national and local press, but the contemporary science journalists also featured it. This UFO was coming to Hull from the, and it resembled a massive moon with a black bar that runs across the middle.

Afterwards, this UFO divided into seven globes of fire which were smaller and which later disappeared over the Humber. After it had vanished, it later reappeared resembling the face of the moon and then split again into five round balls of light. During this time, the blue light covered Hull and Humber.


In September, the year 1985, a woman by the name Josephine Howard claimed that she saw two round lights that were red, in the sky just outside her home in Darwen, Lancashire.

These lights, she said, was almost as big as the size of headlights of a car and was on the front of an object which had a diamond shape and which was between 200 and 300 feet in the air.

According to her, the lights did not produce any beams and even as they came overhead, there was still no noise.

It is not the only case. In November 1995, there was a UFO sighting in Burnley which resulted in about 250 calls on that same day.

On this day, hundreds of citizens claimed to have witnessed an object in the sky travelling at a very high speed going towards Hebden Bridge.


For the past 15 years, there has been a group in Southampton dedicated to investigating the unexplained mysterious, things which are potentially out of this world which can be spotted in the skies above Hampshire. In the year 1960, Ernie Sears, one of the members of the sporting group, saw an object above Portsdown Hill during the day. This object was shining and hovering in the sun. According to him, he had thought that this was just an airplane but was shocked when after half an hour; he heard the sound of jet engines when two meteor jets were scrambling towards this UFO.

These jets later lazily turned on end and vanished after getting near the UFO. The jets went round in circles. After calling the relevant authorities concerning the jets, Ernie claims that he was adamantly told that he had not seen anything. This incident spurred his search for UFOs.

In 1978, Ernie claims that he had three consecutive UFO sightings above his house in Southampton. On this occasion, he claims that he was taken for a tour of the solar system by his abductors who could have been aliens and he returned with a changed view of the world.


In December 1986, John Stoddard and his family were ready to leave for home after spending a holiday on the New Year’s Eve in a cottage in Bonsall Moor, Derbyshire. At 7.22 in the morning, he was gazing at the stars when he realised that one of the stars was moving towards the direction of the family. This star was allegedly coming from the hills that were a bit far from where he and his family were. His wife who later joined him also reported having seen the same object which she claimed hovered above some trees which were around a nearby field. The couple went further to describe the purpose as flying at a low speed of around 5 – 10mph. This object opened up into a giant triangle with white lights surrounding it. According to John, the size of this UFO was about that of a double-decker bus. According to him, this experience scared and excited he and his wife them at the same time. This object slowly moved away from the couple’s view over the moors.

On the 4th of February 2004, a Wednesday night, a Mrs. ‘TB’ was forced to wake up by a loud crackling noise. At first, she thought it was a firework, but just immediately her bedroom lit up, almost at the same moment she heard the crackling sound.

She thought that was the security light which someone may have activated and she decided to move closer to the window so can have a look down. However, no one in sight could have enabled the security alarm. Soon after she realised that the light was coming from up, she went to another window so that she could have a better view. This window overlooked the Allestree Golf Course so had a much more unobstructed view. It was at this moment that she saw something that she described as an orange fireball that was slowly moving across the sky and it was leaving behind a trail which was sparkling. This fireball passed the golf course and vanished over some distant trees.


The fascination on UFOs undoubtedly did not start yesterday, and neither is it ending anytime soon. Believe it or not, the discussion concerning UFOs have long been held and have even been debated on. For instance, annual conferences are held internationally to discuss and debate on this issue.