Chaos, hysteria and panic are probably the scenes that come to our head when the thought of alien detection comes to mind. From the collapse of societies, crumbling of buildings, fire rages and break out of riots, these are the scenes depicted by famous UFO movies such as ‘The Independence Day’, ‘The day the earth stood still’, ‘The Invasion’ to ‘The puppet masters’, it is clear that human reaction to aliens is mostly perceived not to be a jolly one.

So, if this is how we are going to react when aliens face us, why is risk looking for them? It doesn’t make sense, right? Well, human beings will always be human beings. It is in human nature to still be curious when it comes to the unknown. Well, perhaps looking for aliens in the name of UFOs is not that bad. Maybe the adverse reaction to aliens is just a fictional one and not necessarily what can happen in reality. It is possible that aliens might be received well by humans and maybe their presence won’t mean a threat to our existence as humans.

So, what do you do when you encounter a UFO? Below are tips on what you should do.

Observe, observe, observe

When you come across a UFO, try your best to find all the details. Most times, UFO sighting comes at unexpected times leaving most witnesses disoriented. It hinders your ability to observe the UFO fully. Seeing may sound easy, but it is not that easy as most times you will be shocked and so disoriented that you may even forget to take out your camera and take photographs or use your audio recorder to record the sounds.

You may be a UFO enthusiast who holds a strong desire to see the UFO, but once confronted by a UFO face to face, you may be left shocked and scared even to do what you had all along planned to do in case you witness a UFO sighting. Nevertheless, it is advisable that you take out your camera or phone and try to take the best shot.

You can even put it down on paper and report it. It is crucial that you preserve the information. Take a photo and look for other witnesses. Do everything possible to safeguard the information you gather. Remember to act as if you are an investigator and not just a passive witness. Finding other witnesses who support your report will add credence to your statement.

Stay calm

Another crucial thing to do when you witness a UFO is to stay calm. By staying calm has so many benefits besides making it possible for you to precisely observe and get all the necessary details concerning the sighting.

When you stay calm, you will be able to focus and know what you need to do which includes, taking hos, recording audios or measuring the trails. As you remain calm, it is essential that you remember to protect yourself from any imminent danger. Be ready to take any evasive action to get away from the UFO. This action should be evasive but not aggressive. Keep in mind that this is a one-of-a-kind event and you do not want to forget essential details just because you were hysterical.

Do not tamper with the site

The UFO may have left some traces behind; therefore it is essential that you do not disturb the area around where it appeared. Do not interrupt this area. Ensure that you also restrict access to this area from other people who may want to access it. It is because the city is now like a crime scene and therefore you should treat it as such. Take photographs of the area surrounding the site before you get into the place and make sure that you take note of where everything lies precisely. Always take close photos of the evidence and videotape it before laying your hands on it. Keep in mind that you have no idea what you are putting your hands on, what type of hazard you may associate it with, or where it came from.

Stay safe

In case you come across an extraterrestrial being that is associated with the craft, remember to run and keep yourself safe. Once you are at a safe distance and in a concealed position, you can then videotape or photograph the being. If taking photos of the being while in a safe place is not possible, you can draw it and then write down a description of the extraterrestrial being once you get yourself to safety. Do not try to get close to it, take photos or write down anything while still close to it as doing this will be putting your life in danger. No matter how excited you may be, safety should always come first.

Report to the relevant authorities

After observing and taking photographs, recording videos and audios of the UFO or extraterrestrial being, report this sighting immediately to a research organisation dedicated to UFOs so that further investigations can be made concerning you’re the UFO sighting. Numerous organisations around the world are devoted to research on UFO. The British UFO Research Association (BUFORA) is an organisation based in Britain that is dedicated to conducting an investigation and unbiased scientific research concerning the enigma surrounding the UFO and other related anomalies


Witnessing a UFO is not an easy thing. You are not sure of how you are going to react even if you have been rehearsing over and over again when faced with the real scenario, and you are likely to panic and also forget about what you had repeated. As mentioned above, remember to stay calm, observe as much as possible, take photos, talk to other witnesses, preserve data, record every detail and remember to stay safe. Do not forget to report the incident to the relevant authorities. If you are considering carrying out further investigations, consider your investigation options with utmost care and outside research.