Talks on UFO (Unidentified Flying Object), used to be a part of the clandestine conversion. However, with tourists travelling all over the world to have a glimpse of the alleged sights where there have been reported cases of UFO sightings, the subject of UFO is no longer just a part of the clandestine conversation. UFO sightings are now an international fascination with governments now being involved by organising for and funding extensive exploration.

The British government has an agency which is responsible for matters concerning the UFO sightings including the UFO investigations. Certainly, investigations on UFO sights are going to continue whether privately sponsored or sponsored by the particular government.

Here, we look at the UFO-watching scene found in the United Kingdom.


Located just a mile from the Stonehenge, an equally bizarre sight, fields of Wiltshire have had reported cases of appearance of mysterious patterns. Numerous sightings have occurred here including a huge object in the shape of a disc that is reported to have hovered above the sight. This prehistoric monument recognised as a World Heritage Site includes a ring of massive stones which date back to about 3100 BC. There is a theory that this landmark was built by ancient aliens and supporters of this theory consider this area to be a location marker for extraterrestrials or a spaceships’ landing pad.


If you are looking for the leading UFO scene in the United Kingdom (UK), then Liverpool is what you need. Since the year 2013, the police have recieved13 calls regarding UFO sightings. This number of requests is more than anywhere else in the UK. An alien group known as Mutual UFO Network, have claimed to have received 17 reports of UFOs sightings across Liverpool in 2016. In the previous year, that is 2015, a UFO sighting over River Mersey delayed the landing of Ryanair flight.


On hearing the word UFOs, many people only think of aliens. However, UFOs do not only imply aliens as werewolves, black-eyed children, pigment and even Big Footfall under the term UFO. These have been spotted, allegedly, in Cannock Chase, Staffordshire. They have dedicated a blog to UFO sightings in this area. In 2015, there were reports by locals who claim to have seen a UFO spaceship hovering over the city.


UFO enthusiasts refer to the area where you can get this small town as The Falkirk Triangle. In the 1990s, a local councillor known as Billy Buchanan claimed that up to half the residents of the city had sighted a UFO. In this town, reports of UFO sightings are said to be over 300 every single year. It is no wonder tourists flock to this area every year just so that they can try their luck in sighting a UFO. In the winter of 1992, locals claimed to have seen flashing lights at night. In addition to the lights, there were also shocking claims of alien abduction that also took place during the incident.

Rendlesham Forest

In December 1980, several people saw a series of lights which were unexplainable outside RAF Woodbridge, one of the most famous places in Britain when it comes to UFO sightings. At the time, the US air Forces were still using this area. This area was later given the name ‘Britain’s Roswell’ because of the sightings. Up to date, reports of UFO sightings continue, and they have equipped the forest with its own UFO trail. The UFO sightings that happened here in 1980 were one of the most notorious UFO cases in Britain, and up to date, they remain to be a mystery. Sometimes referred to as Britain’s Roswell, the reported 1980 incident is ranked as one of the best-known UFO events in the world.


It is clear that the fascination about aliens s not likely to go away anytime soon. It is especially true in the western cultures with surveys showing that the interest in aliens was as high as 50% in 2015. Despite the rarity of its occurrence, quite some people claim to have witnessed or experienced an alien abduction. Today, the unknown abduction awareness dates to the year 1961in the case involving Betty and Barney Hill who claimed to have seen strange lights and experienced lost memories and missing time while driving.